Academic Work ︎ RMIT Univeristy
Type︎︎︎ Publication; Research
Year ︎︎︎ 2020

Wander Wonder – Wander Wonder – Wander Wonder – 

A project catalysed by 2020–the year of alternative everything, Wander Wonder performs the once familiar act of wandering and exploring places aimlessly, through virtual spaces via. institutional archives (State Library Vic and Moreland City Council) and Google Maps/Street View.

A scattered and incomplete investigational archive of Brunswick’s past, present and speculative future; not just travelling between physical and virtual spaces, but between timelines. Noting and finding remnants of its rich historical past through a quickly evolving urbanscape. It naively attempts to preserve its strong and diverse culture, while also pondering its near dys(u)topian future as a result of gentrification and cultural commercialization.

︎ Full publication available upon request

Goldish Yellow references the growth and commercial establishment of Brunswick during the Gold rush era. Being a place where miners often passed by on the way to goldmines in Ballarat and Bendigo.

116mmx 210mm
62 Pages

Michael Bojkowski

❋ Brunswick Grotesque by Dennis Grauel︎︎︎

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