Client ︎ Vanessa Tan
Type︎︎︎ Publication
Year ︎︎︎ 202O

Take A Seat – Take A Seat – Take A Seat – Take A Seat – Take A Seat –  

‘Take a Seat’ is an experimental series conceived by RMIT Fashion Design Honour’s graduate, Vanessa Tan. The project explores the overlapping territory between garments and furniture, with an emphasis placed on human activation.

Domestic objects and furnishings are reimagined as accessories for the body, highlighting how bodies situate garments and spaces. In challenging the notion of functionality, garments are mounted onto scaffolded structures where the wearer inhabits both the garment and furnishing object simultaneously.

This project was instigated by Vanessa during a prolonged period of lockdown in 2020 in Melbourne, where the role of the interior amplified our longing for comfort, familiarity, style and structure. With restricted public appearances during this period, interactions with the interior only became much more intimate with the parameters of the body.


Garments: Vanessa Tan
Photography: Jess Brohier (Duval Agency)
Phography assistant: Enrico Kas
Graphic/Publication Design: Kaitlyn Chai
Art Direction: Jaime Brohier
Models: Indah Dwyer & Gracie Jane (Duval Agency)
Studio: Tamle Studios
Assist: Michelle Li & Hannah Purcell
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