Self Directed Project
Type︎︎︎Publication; Identity
Year ︎︎︎ 2020 

Other – Other – Other – Other – Other – Other – Other – 

Other is an anti-stereotype publication and platform for marginalised voices; focused on diversifying content in the English speaking world by exploring the complexities of identity.

It aims to be an open platform for discussion, catalysed by prompted topics/themes. Currently it is a zine, podcast and online safe space; discussing everything and anything along the lines of race, culture, identity and personal experience. It manifests itself as a critique of dominant power structures, challenging its readers/listeners to unlearn current societal conventions and ideologies.

Other's brand collateral plays on themes of identity, and the use of colour aims to represent the diverse spectrum of content and topics discussed. Graphic replication of missing elements and pixelated text throughout the brand identity and zine, is subtle commentary on missing narratives in mainstream media. Expressive typography and unconventional design treatments also reinforce and embrace the underlying theme of otherness and non-conformity.

Mula Zine (Alia Soraya & Team)
Amani Azlin
Sun Choi
Luo Yang
Michelle Zhu
Canwen Xu
Daniel Adams

AGDA Design Awards 2020 – Student Identity [Distinction], Student Print (Publication) [Distinction], Student Craft (Typography) [Distinction].

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