Type︎︎︎ Publication; Research
Year ︎︎︎ 2021

Keywords in Participatory Design [Ver 1.0] – Keywords in Participatory Design [Ver 1.0]  – Keywords in Participatory Design [Ver 1.0]  –

Participatory Design (PD) grew out of linkages between technology designers and worker movements in the 1970s. Now, as participation has emerged as an increasingly popular and contested idea in design fields and education, conversations about what we mean by “participation,” who gets to participate and to what ends, and how we imagine the kinds of knowledge central to collective practices, are critical.

Ver 1.0 of this evolving publication offers an initial collection of keywords as conversation starting points, teasers, and evocations for further debates and inquiry, but also, importantly, for untold reflections and bridges to alternative worlds. Each word brought together two or more of us to make a start, and each of us played freely with the words to arrive at what we present here as a collective of super idiotic creatures [sic].

The overarching concept of the design reflects the iterative and unfinished nature of the zine. Hand drawn markings and footnotes placed “carelessly” as if its been noted on a printed document with a pen–much like a draft document.

As PD is most notably discussed within academic circles, usage of typefaces within the publication like Times New Roman and Arial were reminiscent of academic papers and articles. However, instead of typesetting them in a formal way, having fun with the text and being expressive with the tempo and beat of the writing.

A pdf of the full zine is avalable here︎︎︎ 

You may have noticed cats, or specifically parts of cats making an appearance in random pages of the zine. For context, the themes within this zine originated from a panel discussion organised by Shana and were interrogated further during the 16th Participatory Design Conference (PDC 2020).

During the virtual conference, a speaker’s cat persistently made a cameo appearance on video. We decided to include this small but memorable detail to the zine to capture the occurences and memories of the event.


Shana Agid
Andrea Botero
Kaitlyn Chai 蔡佳伶
Jaz Hee-jeong Choi 최희정
Chiara Del Gaudio
Ana Holschuh
Leonardo Parra Agudelo

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