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Kaitlyn Chai 💖✨ is a Malaysian-Chinese multidisciplinary designer and illustrator based in 📍️Naarm (Melbourne), Australia. She is currently completing her Masters in Communications Design at RMIT University📓 while running her freelance practice✏️

Where play and research intersect, her work manifests in material and virtual worlds. Constantly experimenting with different practices and mediums to explore the limitless potentials of design and its influential role in society & culture.

︎︎︎   Focused On

using design as a tool for storytelling and a platform for critique. She has been interested in initiating more projects that explore lived experiences in relation to race, gender, identity and culture🌈 

︎︎︎   Fascinated with

visualising confrontational topics in new perspectives, using humour and subtle irony to generate discourse by exposing absurd realities.

︎︎︎   Passionate About

︎︎︎ Not taking “Design” too seriously. 
︎︎︎ Making space and uplifting under-repressented voices in the creative industry.

︎   Awards & Recognitions

The Design Kids Awards (2020) - Winner

AGDA Student Awards (2020) – 3x Distinction

AGDA Student Awards (2019) – 5x Finalist

Adobe Design Achievement Awards (2019) – Top Talent

︎    Talking

#worldwewant – Designing within Discomfort (2020) [watch here]  

#TDKtuesdays (Melb) – Folio Showcase (2021) [watch here] 

Keywords in Participatory Design Zine Launch (2021)

Full CV/Resume available upon request [pls email]

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