Client ︎ Humans of Agrciulture (via. Studio Agriculture)
Type︎︎︎Identity; Illustration
Year ︎︎︎ 2022

Humans of Agriculture – Humans of Agriculture – Humans of Agriculture – Humans of Agriculture – 

Humans of Agriculture showcases the true faces, real stories and authentic experiences of those that make up the current agricultural landscape; crushing stereotypes around “traditional” perceptions of the industry. It’s a community and platform that’s passionate about connecting Australian's to Agriculture and our food and fiber system.

We approached this re-brand with two questions which led the strategy of the visual design.

1. How can we make agriculture relatable and attractive to a broader audience ?

2.  How do we disrupt the stereotypical perception of Agriculture and the people behind it?
We helped Humans of Agriculture refocus its purpose and evolved the brand to position itself as a community news brand where stories are shared to inform the wider Australian population about the current faces behind the agricultural landscape. 

Although we needed a brand which stayed connected to its agricultural roots, we also needed it to be energetic, playful and attractive to younger urban audiences that might not have connections to the agricultural community in Australia. 

This meant creating a brand that had a lot of flex to evolve and more importantly had a strong presence on digital/social media platforms. 
Diversity of representation was an important aspect of the brand which needed to be reflected in the photographic content and illustrated characters.

To break that stereotypical image of agriculture, we needed to visually communicate the large spectrum of people that were involved within the industry. This included not just farmers from the country, but also people from other occupations that were connected to agriculture–such as entrepreneur’s, scientists and creatives from both urban and rural communities (to name a few).

Having diversity as a core value of the brand not only helped break traditional stereotypes but also helped the platform aspire to be more diverse and inclusive in the stories that would be told.

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