YEAR 2019

Blade Runner Title Sequence – Blade Runner Title Sequence – 

The title sequence is mainly inspired by the iconography Blade Runner has contributed to today’s pop culture. Considering that the movie would be a re-released version, I wanted to create a sequence that acknowledged and paid homage to the aesthetic styling’s of neo-noir film that Blade Runner pioneered.

The flow of the sequence starts off slow and subtle and then starts building up into a faster paced energy. I wanted to reflect the pace of the film and how it starts of slow and builds tension leading into the final fight scene.

The transitions in the sequence intentionally match the beat of the supporting soundtrack to create tension and to tie the 2 senses of sound and sight to create a harmonious flow throughout. The soundtrack is a remix of 3 existing tracks that I edited in Adobe Audition to better support the visuals I had in mind.

03:18:00 Video

AGDA Student Design Awards 2019 – Animation, Moving Image [Finalist]

2049 by Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch ( Blade Runner 2049 OMPS);
Main Titles (From “Blade Runner”) by Vangelis; Blade Runner 2049 by Synthwave Goose.

Lecturer: Jono Chong
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