Client ︎  Unlikely
Type︎︎︎ Publication; Web Design
Year ︎︎︎ 2021

Art & Herbarium – Art & Herbarium – Art & Herbarium – Art & Herbarium – Art & Herbarium – 

How can we reimagine e-publication formats beyond non-responsive PDF’s?

What does the future look like for digital publishing?

These questions were asked when I was tasked to digitally reinterpret Unlikely’s Art & Herbarium (print) exhibition catalogue. We wanted to push the boundaries of digital publications; to go beyond simply exporting non-responsive pdf’s with layouts that were designed for print.

Due to the multiple media formats of this exhibition, we needed a digital publication that could support audio and potentially video formats playable within the “document” itself.

We explored using a microsite as a potential format for the e-publication. This led to the production of a web prototype that supported audio and video formats including text to speeach capabilities and alt text/image descriptions to make the publication accessible to a wider audience.

Tom Bristow; Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier and Danielle Wyatt

Works & Content:
Tom Bristow; Elizabeth Hickey; Bonny Cassidy; Rosalind Hall; Josh Wodak; Harry Nankin & Jess Hood.


❋ Fleuron by @mickaelemile @yvesgabrielso
❋ Neue Haas Grotesk
❋ IM Fell French Canon Italic


Interactive PDF & EPUB

As the work progressed, we decided on an  offline version for the digital catalogue, utilising interactive capabilities on PDF and EPUB formats. 

To view and download︎︎︎ full publication, it’s  published on Unlikely E-books. 

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